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Machine Tools Business

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Odoo project which based on the machine tools management.

The functionality of the project is to handle the Manufacturing, Trading, Purchase, Warehouse of the machine tools.

The customized Odoo solution handles the Accounting and CRM of the company.

Shipyard And Machinery

We handled the Odoo project which based on the shipyard management.

The project has the functionality for maintaining the container at the shipyard to optimize utilization of weight carrying capability.

Also, maintain shipyards machinery and its maintenance process.

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Bakery Products Company Management

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The aim of the Odoo implementation is to handle all the operations of the bakery company more effectively.

The core functionalities of the project are to manage the manufacturing and sales of the bakery products.

We have helped the client to manage human resource smoothly. The clients' lead to cash cycle becomes faster with customized CRM and POS features.

Odoo for Jewellery Business

We handled the Odoo project for the company which has the business of the jewellery management.

The functionality of the project is to handle the higher level of the jewellery product with its large amount of Stone, Diamonds and different types of jewellery. 

Handling its Sales, Purchase, Warehouse and Accounting of 15 stores in the company. Customized E-Commerce for the direct sales and shopping from the website.

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Project management for IT company

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Implemented Odoo for the Project Management purpose for the IT companies having the team of 100+ employees.

Followed agile methodologies to add features in the production system by the following practice to improve quality and reduce downtime.

The impact of this implementation is improved the overall task completion cycle. Auto-assign task notifies employee to get going on the task quickly

Apple Retail Store

Understand business process through requirement gathering and map those with Odoo.

Drafted and executed customization plan to implement specific features for sales, purchase, warranty, repair and accounting.

Key results achieved in this implementation are improved after-sales services and customer retention ratio.

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Odoo POS Implementation

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Customized and deployed Odoo on the client’s server. Specifically. price list functionality to convey right pricing information at each of the pos terminals.

Developed functionality to generate product barcodes to set up new store quickly.

Implemented POS in 15 stores and continually expanding. The client is benefited by our support and maintenance service to expand technology solution with their business.

Fitness for Work

Developed a system through the agile methodology to help the client to explore his idea.

This system helps to maintain fitness through certification and various tests for employees who are working on various projects.

The client was using the older version Odoo. We helped them to migrate them into the latest version of Odoo.

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Odoo - eCommerce integration

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There were multiple websites running for e-commerce operations.

Developed a gateway for synchronization to integrated Odoo with those websites in order to have a  real-time two-way information exchange about products, inventory, and orders.

Created various customised reports to fulfil the business need and decision making purpose.

CRM for the Promotional products company

Develop customised Odoo to manage CRM application for order processing for the promotional product company.

The automation of the sales order line to select the kind of product quickly saves a huge amount of man-hours. 

It also integrated with Magento to perform sales from the website and manage back-office order processing through Odoo.

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Employee Management System

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One of our clients wanted to implement employee onboarding and exit process for its client having 1000+ employees wanted to track.

We contributed to the design and customized development to help them to manage form employee's joining process, manage documents, what equipments they are using, various departmental approvals and activating/deactivating access.

Energy Savings Equipment Manufacturing Company

Implemented Odoo to start selling energy-saving equipment through the Odoo website.

Designed quote builder to provide a convenient interface to place the order.

Back-end order processing, inventory management, accounting and knowledge sharing through blog were the features what we had developed.

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Odoo Retail

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We have been a part of the product design team whose focus was extensively on developing the retail software product by extending standard Odoo’s functionalities.

20+ years of collective experience peoples are working on the product design studying the best practices of the Retail domain.

Their Retail domain expertise and our Odoo knowledge help design some customized Odoo modules which bring the value to use Odoo for the retail domain.

Waste Management  system

A France based company wanted to streamline their operations of waste management through Odoo.

Customised Odoo for implementing specific functionalities like waste collection centre, routes and schedules for waste collection, recurring invoicing generation, a special interface for planning.

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Odoo for Textile Company

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A textile company from Germany wanted to develop a product in Odoo for the textile business.

We had provided consultancy to this project and developed key features through customization for order processing and inventory management integrated with PrestaShop.

Netsuite to Odoo

One of the US-based company which was using NetSuite since long wanted to use Odoo.

Implemented Odoo through identified key business requirements and its implementation in Netsuite.

Configure and customize Odoo to match those requirements and do data migration for historical transactions.

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Daily Accounting - Mobile Application

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Mobile application based on the iOS and Android.

It helps maintain daily routine personal accounting through the mobile application.

The user can track its expense on the daily base. 

Real Estate ERP

This Odoo implementation has been helping for property management, improving rental operations, Customer relationship management and human resource operations.

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Odoo for Rubber Manufacturing Company

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The rubber manufacturing company needs Odoo to manage their manufacturing operations. 

The complex bill of material is configured in Odoo and customized further to add product specification and cumulative cost for generating the new product.

The key results have improved the production by 20% and manage the subproduct properly.

Setup Odoo on Digital Ocean

We setup Odoo on Digital Ocean for our various customers.

Feel free to contact us to get expert advice about how to set Odoo on the Digital Ocean.

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Hosting Odoo on AWS

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We hosted some Odoo instances on the Amazon EC2 platform.

We control, manage and upgrade based on the customer’s need. We also managed test and production environment and continuous support and maintenance on this platform.

Feel free to contact us if you need any more help.

Odoo API Development for Synchronization and Integration

We developed various APIs of Odoo in order to meet the requirements for data synchronization.

There are lots of integration projects we have handled so fat in order to integrate Odoo with the external system which are e-commerce website, customized mobile application, third-party software.

We have the expertise to develop most efficient APIs in a quicker way using boosting tools.

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Odoo-Xero Integration

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Odoo-Xero Integration is one of the Integrations projects which we have worked for maintaining and improving it to meet client’s expectations.

The aim was there are thousands of products data needs to be fit and sync with Xero. We improved the script to meet this specific need. 

Car Service Management 

We have developed Odoo application to manage car service operation. You can create Service Order, Assign mechanic and prepare the diagnosis details.

Based on the diagnosis details, the work orders can be prepared and printed for the record purpose. There are various stages to track the work order. From this work order, the sales order will be created based on the products and services used in the work order. 

Billing application is also integrated with this car service management application. You can take this application form



CRM Automation

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The key aim of CRM Automation is to prepare the activities for the opportunity automatically based on the stages.  

The Stages are configured with the activities and the moment the opportunity move from one stage to another, corresponding activities are created automatically.

We also prepared the APIs to handle this automation from the mobile device.

Odoo Backend for B2B Marketplace

Implemented supplier onboarding process with subscription order and new user engagement process. 

Measure the performance through KPIs. Developed the multilingual reports for RTL.

Automation of the creation of the task based on product confirmation. Assign the task to a product experts to provide good services.

Measure the performance of a sales expert and product expert through KPIs. 

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Odoo portal for fitness


It is the website developed in Odoo to manage fitness for their users.

We have contributed to that for lead generation with value addition way.

Form the portal we offer Calculate the BMI from the website, calculate BMI and suggest fitness tips based on that and convert those details into the lead in the Odoo backend.

Project Task - Mobile Application

Mobile application based on iOS and Android.

The functionality of this application is to handle the project, task and issue in Odoo through the mobile application.

An employee can access the assigned task and issue of the Project from the mobile application.

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Odoo for Stone Industry

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We have been part of the Odoo implementation for the stone manufacturing and marketing company.

They are selling products through Magento and manage the lead and order processing through Odoo.

The optimum utilization of warehouse space and transportation fleets are the key areas of concern which we have helped them to resolve.

Odoo portal for commission management

The commission is calculated and distributed to the allocated person.

The buyer can buy the product form Odoo e-commerce and add the reference to which the commision should go.

The person can ask for the commision or they can buy a product using the commission.

This is the multi-website implementation which features can be enabled/disabled based on the website access by the user.


Promotions and discounts for Odoo POS

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This project is specifically to customize the Odoo to configure the promotional activities and set price based on that.

The lesson learned from this project is to get the domain knowledge about the point of sale and how the promotional activities and pricing set for retail business.

The key results achieved are smooth and dynamic pricing implementation on the Odoo POS.

Order Management - Mobile Application

Mobile application based on the iOS.

The functionality of the application is to handle the sales management of the ERP system through the mobile application.

The customer can access lead to cash from the iOS mobile application.

They can create leads, convert to order and create the invoice.

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HRMS - Mobile Application

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This is a Mobile application based on the iOS.

The functionality of the application is to handle the employees in the ERP system through the mobile application. An employee can access their detail, fill timesheet from the iOS mobile application.

Trading & Contracting Company

Implemented Odoo in order to integrate 8 software with Odoo using APIs.

Odoo creates 1000 Invoices/Month for the Multi-company implementation having more 12 companies are integrated.

Developed the customized reports for decision making purpose.

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Radio Company Group

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We have helped to implement Odoo for the radio company to manage their day-to-day operations.

Project’s core functionality to handle the radio’s promotion, advertisement activities of its customers and manages the HR, Accounting, CRM with of multi-company functionality.

Hospital Management

The project is to handle the patients of the hospital with its details and accounting functionality.

It includes the management of the medical store and medicine with its Sale, Purchase, Warehouse and Accounting process.

The patients' information management with the detail of admitting, medicine, billing, dispatch operations. Also, includes the laboratory management and reporting of the system.

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Telecommunication Industry

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We have mapped all the requirements through GAP analysis for one of the Belgium based Telecommunication company.

We have designed special invoice format, bank reconciliation, and accounting follow up using configuration and customization options to map the existing business process.

Odoo for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

A group of a company doing business in FMCG industry wanted to do a detailed analysis and end-to-end implementation for their 6 sister companies.

We have helped them to do a massive customization in sales, purchase, warehouse, HR and accounting module of Odoo to meet the shipping, inventory, accounting, purchasing and human resource operation needs.

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Odoo for Airlines

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We have provided consultancy to deliver end-to-end implementation for one of the Asian Airlines company.

It helped to effectively manage flight schedule, in-flight sale and services, human resource management and payroll, purchase department, fleet maintenance and engineering operation integrated with the other systems.

E-invoicing Process

We have been implemented e-invoicing functionality for one of our clients from Peru and Kazakhstan.

The functionality of this project is to generate the invoice in Odoo,  send it to the customer through the government e-invoicing portal. It brings value to automated calibration with government compliance with respect to taxation and less manual filling.

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Nursery Management System

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We have developed the Nursery Management System in Odoo.

This system will help to open the various branches of the nursery and manage the children's information.

Using this application, we can manage the parents, managers, co-managers, and extra collaborators information related to children and corresponding nursery.