We are expert in delivering Odoo Technical Training

Be technically strong in Odoo

Learning from the expert makes the learning curve shorter and you can be more effective in Odoo customization and development. You can speed up your Odoo development by getting the latest technical knowledge from the very experienced Odoo technical trainer.

Why might you need this service?

Prepare the Odoo development team within a very short period of time.

Get Odoo’s latest version knowledge with new technical improvements.

Create long terms technical support team for your client.

Start new Odoo department and get key members trained on Odoo Technical skill.

Need hands-on experience to be skilled quickly on all technical part of Odoo.

Key Value Proposition

Get knowledge about how Odoo modules can be developed.

Develop the team of skilled Odoo Developer.

Get trained on the Odoo API to integrate with other software.

Get hands-on experience to know how your technical team becomes more efficient in Odoo Development.

How can we help you?

We will provide you with on-site/online Odoo technical training.

The Technical training will contain the syllabus of developing Odoo server module, Odoo theme, snippets, and building blocks.

You can get quick tricks and tips to be more effective to develop Odoo module which is well managed, based on Odoo guideline and great quality code.

How will this service be operated?

The dedicated technical trainer will train your team on Odoo technical knowledge through various online/onsite sessions.

You can subscribe to Technical Training or booked a week for training.

You can also ask for the onsite visit to train your complete team on Odoo.

You can access detailed technical documentation prepared by the wide experienced team.

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Feel free to contact us at contact@asceticbs.com, if you have any question or you need any support.