Upgrade your Odoo implementation to the next version

Take advantage of using the latest version of Odoo

Do you want to upgrade Odoo to the next version within a predefined timeline? 


Come and discuss to know how we have done these for our many clients.


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Here is a list of advantages that we have given to our customers.


1. Do's and Dont's while upgrading Odoo to the next version.

2. To know how you can get the migrated Odoo instance with the migrated codebase as well with a pre-defined timeline.

3. Controlling the future migration cost focusing on the next version of Odoo.

4. One-stop solution for database and code migration.

5. Know how we have migrated a heavily customized instance of Odoo v8

and many more...

You can visit - http://asceticbs.com/odoo-version-migration for more detail.