The success story of Offshore IT Service

Company Profile

Inspire for you provides the custom Odoo system, web application services, e-Commerce Storefronts, website development and other interactive web-based solutions to organizations around the globe. Inspire for you supports large and small customers alike. They provide a competitive edge because their solutions are agile and flexible in allowing their clients to react, on their own, to competitive threats and changes in the marketplace since 2009.


Ascetic Business Solution Implemented Below ERP Modules:

  • Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Human Resource, CRM, Warehousing, Analytic Accounting, Project Management, Customized Implementations.

  • Some of the Business needs were unique, there was no default module available in Odoo (Open Source ERP), Ascetic's professional team had to customized and redesign the ERP system according to Business needs.

Below are some of the Customized Implementations:

  1. Customized accounting reports

  2. Three UOM on sales, purchase, invoice and shipping

  3. Customization to manage bakery products

  4. ERP system for a construction company

  5. Pricelist for Point-of-sale based on advanced criteria

Execution methodology

  1. The client discusses the new prospect’s key problems, we give them enterprise-level consulting services to close the deal.

  2. We help throughout from pre-analysis and customization.

  3. We use a centralized project management system being a part of the client’s team to maintain complete transparency.

  4. Our day-to-day status report helps them tracking the progress and realizing the value of what they are spending for

Key results

The client has achieved the following key results:

  1. Inspire for you can focus more on expansion and getting new business.

  2. Executing more high margin projects.

  3. The Odoo consulting and customization for the complex problems are resolved on time.

  4. In-house team can provide first level support to the client very effectively.

Feel free to contact us at, if you have any question or you need any support or looking for Odoo implementation partner.