Success Story -  Mobile ERP Product integrated with Odoo

Company profile

ERP-M is a group of senior professionals who combined their knowledge to realize ERP-M objectives. They bring decades of knowledge in the areas of finance, business administration, project management, ERP software, business process management, financial & business control, IT management & IT strategy and business- IT alignment. In addition to the above, they possess the enormous knowledge to market and sell their products.


Prepare a mobile application to run the business on the smartphone within 3 months which must have billing, CRM and project management solutions.

Our approach

  1. Design and architect the iOS mobile application.

  2. We follow the agile methodology to develop and release the stable set of features.

  3. Day-to-day communication to focus on the client’s vision in order to deliver key results.

Key results

  1. The nicely designed, user-friendly iOS mobile application is live within 3 months.

  2. A few companies are using to manage their business.