Product Combo on the Point Of Sale System

Set the different product combo for the point of sales in Odoo

Multiple products as the product

A combo may be priced lower compared to ordering separately but, not in all the cases

Create a combo

Combo with adjusting a price

A combo will have the options to define sales prices. like, discounted price and discount percentage

Combo's Information

A combo has information on all products which are included in combo with their prices.

POS Category

A Point of sale has a new category in which only combos will be displayed.

Combo Order

The combo will display all products which are included in that.

POS Receipt

In receipt, the combo will mention all the products which are included in the that.


Products stock quantity would be checked before the order confirmation.

Combo Product's sub products stock quantity would be checked and also compare to other orderliness before the order confirmation.

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Demonstration of the Product Combo in Point Of Sale in Odoo: