Nursery Management In Odoo

Manage nursery, people and its records

This system is for Nursery Management. It will manage the nursery record with necessary data name, starting the year and maximum children.

The user can select nursery members as their role predefine. Generate children record with all details so, the yearly record of children will be managed.

There are different roles available in the nursery system.

Manager: A person who knows exactly how to perform or manage to yearly children record.

Parent: A parent who has personal as well as a child record.

With the help of the system, parents can get a quick overview of what's happening in the nursery. They can see when the children start and complete the nursery, and at that time which staff members were on duty. 

The system will manage records in real-time and catch-up things when you were away.

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Demonstration of the Nursery Management in Odoo: