New Office, a new milestone

We have been in the current office since last one year. We enjoyed a lot, we worked a lot, we learned a lot over here. Now its time for expansion, its time to move on to the new office, new environment, new landmark...

After spending more than one year, we are excited to move to the new office. A better space for the working environment, for achieving the new energy for the progress, making people a smile with our contribution, with our expertise and intention to make a positive change in their life, in their business.

Since last one year, we have been engaged with lots of clients around the world Indonesia, Switzerland, Peru, Netherlands, Iran, France, Germany, UK, Iran, Kazakisthan, India, Honduras -

We have been fortunate enough to work on the various domain and verticals in order to implement Odoo and develop mobile applications for our clients to improve the technological innovation for their business -

We are looking forward to hiring new people, expanding the expert team to handle more projects with world-class customer satisfaction services. We are planning to make partners around the world to provide localized services to our existing customer and the new prospects.

We are aiming to contribute to the Odoo community with our 10 years of experience and expertise to develop the solution -

We have hired the Accounting firm to make sure we should be aligned with the Indian government rules with a keen vision for being one of the best software consulting company.

We have been very keen so far for delivering our services as promised. You can have a look at our various services form

Feel free to contact us if you think we can be a technology partner for your business to establish a win-win relationship. We are just an email away  - Or simply fill up this form