Law ERP Management

How ASCETIC has added value in the Law Firm to increase overall efficiency?

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Client's Challenges

They want to manage their clients and its request with a single system.

Based on the request law suite need to be applied and matter and trials need to be managed.

They also want to manage the trial schedules and different appointments for the matters.

They want to manage the complete law matter process from a single system with task management and different reporting and analysis.

Our Solution

We have provided the consultancy to implement and system with the derived solution as per their expectations which covers all requirements and business case aspects.

Developed the all-in-one solution by considering the end clients' business cases and requirements. 

Also prepared the reposting and analysis functionality to get the individual matter-wise results, data, and its tasks.

The Impact

The client has started using the system very efficiently and gets relief from all the paperwork that needs to carry for every matter.

Now they can manage their Client Requests, Contracts, Matters, Trials, Decisions, Appeals, Accounting, and many more processes from the single system.



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