Employee Sales Order In Odoo

Get the sales order details which was created by the particular employee in Odoo

To empower the user by providing the decision making knowledge is one of the key areas to focus while implementing ERP.

Our effort towards providing analyzed information mining through the already existed data produces this another new Odoo module.

The main philosophy to develop this module is connecting sales and human resource management application to enable the right set of data while the user is accessing employee record in Odoo.

This module is specifically for the Odoo implementation which is using Human resource and sales management application. It helps to bring the power of customer order data to Human resource application.

In Odoo, sales order and quotation are assigned to the salesperson, not the employee. If you want to see the number of sales order and quotations assigned to the employee on the employee form view and kanban view then this module is for you.

You can control showing such data to the limited number of users as well.

After installing this module, you can check the following access right to allow the particular user to see the number of sales order assigned to the employee in kanban and form view.

This is the employee kanban view to display the number of sales order and quotation assigned to the employee.

This is the form view of the employee. In the upper right side, Odoo displays the number of sales order assigned to the employee.

By Clicking on that 'Sales Order' button, Odoo will open the list of sales order and quotation group by stages assigned to this employee.

Make sure the employee should have configured with the proper related user.

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