Employee Loan Management Application System

Manage Employee Loans with the employee payroll system and also manage its repayment automation in a single application.

An application for the employee loan management, it will help to manage the employee loans in the Odoo. With the help of this application, the human resource department can manage the loans of the employee. There is also the facility to manage the loan repayment schedule within the employee payroll management.

Main Features

  * Loan Request

  * Loan

  * Pay EMI

Loan Request

  • Here, You can see the loan request form. And also you can send the request for a loan.


  • After loan request approved by Admin or Hr. You can see the loan form. And also see the employee's remaining EMI.


  • Here, You can see the Payslip form. And also you can see the loan EMI deduction for an added period.

Paid EMI

  • After payslip generated. You can see the paid EMI.

Employee Loan Analysis

  • Here, You can see Analysis of Employee with Total Loan Payment and Paid EMI Amount.

Access Control

  • There is two access control for Employee and Manager.

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Demonstration of Employee Loan Management in Odoo: