Employee CRM

See Employee's opportunity pipeline in Odoo

It is very important to see right data in the right place for quick decision making. ERP can help you move to that direction by analyzing the data and putting those where they are needed.

The human resource is the key sensitive assets of the organization. When we discuss and think about our people, we are curious to see their contribution to the organization quickly.

The opportunity pipeline data can be shown on the employee are dynamic. The moment new opportunity added in the pipeline, while someone changes the Salesperson in the opportunity or while someone changes the status of the opportunity, will be reflected real time on the employee opportunity pipeline.

The security is within this module so that you can control to allow some users or not allow other users to see such information right on the employee in Odoo.

The Kanban view of the employee looks as below.

The form view of the employee looks as below. There is button 'Pipeline'. on the upper right

side to see all the opportunities.

From the Kanban view itself, you can click on the Pipeline data to go directly to see all the opportunities of that employee. The button 'Pipeline' on the form view gives the same result

Once you installed this module, you can configure the user by giving access 'See opportunity on employee'. That user can see the opportunity pipeline with stages on the employee kanban and form view.

Make sure the employee should have configured with the proper related user.

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