Business Analyst / System Architect Service

Do it best from the beginning

We at Ascetic Business Solution have 10+ years of experience of system design and architecting it form the scratch. We can help you to architect the system from scratch, making sure the technology is aligned with the business process.

Why might you need this service?

You want assistance to convert your business process into the software to implement the new system.

You need complete detail requirement specification and project execution plan.

Key value proposition

Best service for anyone who is planning to implement new software.

Analyze your current system, business process and produce the extensive document to evaluate the new software which is suitable for your business.

Perform Pre-analysis, GAP analysis and generate Detailed analysis document for end-to-end implementation.

Architecting the complete system by respecting best practices for software architecture and security principles.

How can we help you? 

Business Analyst can help to build a strong foundation to effectively operate and adopt new software.

We can help you to gather all requirements on the paper to plan out the execution.

Analyze your business process, get a suggestion about the best practices.

We can also help you to Go live by coordinating with the key stakeholders.

Security audit for your current system and provide the recommendation to make it more secure.

How will this service be operated?

You can hire an experienced System architect to design the system.

You can access our business analyst by doing contract with us.

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