Attendance Sheet In odoo

This module is for managing the attendance sheet of the employee in the Odoo.

Discipline is like Exercise. You might not see its immediate impact but if you do it regularly then you will surely get a massive advantage in long-term.

This customized module can generate attendance sheet quickly with information about overtime, late coming and early going if any. You can take print of such sheets and share to your employee to allow them access to show how good they are in their day-to-day office timing.

Attendance Sheet

Attendance sheet of the particular selected employee based on the selected time period.

Attendance Sheet Summary

Attendance sheet summary, which displays the Late Coming, Early Going and Overtime values of that particular period of time.

Attendance Sheet Report

Attendance Sheet Report with the values of Late Coming, Early Going, and Overtime.

Salary Rules

Salary rules for the Late Coming, Early Going, and Overtime.

Payslip with salary rules

Payslip with the salary rules of the Late Coming, Early Going, and Overtime.

Payslip Computation

Payslip computation for the Late Coming, Early Going, and Overtime.

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