50+ Free Odoo Apps

A milestone achieved

Thanks to the very energetic and talented team, we have achieved one of the milestones which we decided to achieve six months ago.

We have release 50th Free Odoo apps developed by Ascetic Business Solution LLP.

We would always like to give back to the community.  The motivation of releasing the free Odoo apps come from where we see there is some generic functionality that we should develop for Odoo community.

While discussing with prospects and clients we keep receiving new idea and functionalities which eventually turns to the new Odoo apps. The extraction and making the generalization of the requirements is one of the arts performed by our experienced analyst.

These are the reusable free Odoo apps. It reduces the implementation cost of the Odoo implementation by saving lots of time and cost of developing new apps. We prefer to give this advantage to the entire Odoo community to make overall ecosystem benefited with our expertise and as a part of our culture of giving back to society.

You can request any new feature by contacting us: http://asceticbs.com/contact-us

Here you can access all our Odoo Apps:


You can also download these Odoo apps from the following link:


Feel free to contact us at contact@asceticbs.com, if you have any question or you need any support.