Airlines Management

The ASCETIC’s Product

ASCETIC has created many innovative products by applying industry-specific solutions in Odoo. Our R&D team continuously prepares industry-specific solutions and Airlines Management is one of them.


ASCETIC’s intention is to prepare a ready product for the client who is looking for an Airline management solution.

We believe that our collective experience working with the airline industry will help to propagate that to design solutions in Odoo. 

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ASCETIC has studied the Airline Industry in order to understand what are the key objectives that need to be fulfilled, identified the GAP in Odoo, and bridged them up with the help of our Odoo expert developers and consultant’s advice.

We have executed, design, and developed with the agile methodology, marking sure the key objective of fleet management, ticket booking, flight schedule has to be fulfilled on top of the Odoo standard features.


The airline product is completed and ready to test for any new client before move forward.

This product is available online and we keep adding new features.  

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Co-founders’ Comment

“We are extremely impressed by the Airlines Management solution developed by our team. This is a very generic solution and can be customized further based on specific client needs. The testing platform is available to see how this solution works. Great work!”

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