Mission to empower our clients business to unleash the true potential to be highly competitive using the solution provided by ASCETIC

Mr. Dan Landes, CEO (USA)

"Riken and the team ASCETIC have become an important asset to our business.  We greatly appreciate the partnership that has developed.  He possesses an intuitive understanding of our project scopes and timelines, and is adept at assessing our needs to create viable solutions.  We rely heavily on Riken's valuable, time-saving suggestions and we feel his expertise ultimately positions us to effectively and efficiently grow our company.  We highly recommend them if you are looking for exemplary communication, top-notch development solutions, and leadership insight for your projects."  

Mr. Valenti Castell, Director  (Spain)

"We have been working with Odoo for several years. We started with the version 6 community, then we migrated to version 8 and finally to 12 enterprise. Opertek is a company in continuous growth and Odoo has allowed us to assume it with an optimal level of resources. The key to our success has been to start working with Ascetics. They have helped us to extract the maximum potential of Odoo and we really now have achieved a very powerful implementation adapted to our business. From our partnership with ASCETIC, I would highlight their professionalism and proficiency in Odoo, excellent quality and level of service, and high flexibility."

Mr. Felix Wong, Co-founder (Hong Kong) 

“We worked with Ascetic for the Odoo software customization and it is has been a very positive experience for me and my company. Ascetic has been a trusted partner and always willing to help resolve the most complex of issues. The quality of the coding and in general work done has been very high. I would recommend them"  

Mr. Omid Taghavi, MD (Australia)

"I have been using ASCETIC's Odoo services for about 3 years now, They have always done great for my business. very compliant and efficient. Highly recommend"

Mr. Damian Benzadon, Director Comercial  (Spain)

“After testing different Odoo software integrators we’ve found on Ascetic our best partner to deploy and improve our systems. They understand perfectly our needs and give us a solution very fast. They have long experience a big knowledge on the odoo modules and also on how to implement new processes into our company. “