How could an organization streamline lead follow-up?

  • 29 Oct 16

One of our client worried about the way its salespersons were prioritising leads and follow-ups, about the way they decide next action to take following, about which lead to be given highest time. In the sale department, follow up process is one of the crucial activity to increase conversion ration.


Problems identified:

  1. High value leads were not getting priority.

  2. Didn’t identify high value lead clearly, immediately.

  3. Stop salesperson spending time on low priority lead.

  4. Focus on high priority opportunities more effectively, on-time.

  5. No clear system driven guidance about basic follow-up process.




We configured Odoo lead scoring module for our client. Using that the moment lead arrive from website, it got score based on the rules configured by studying the current businesses.

Apart from that, we worked with client to identify followup pattern which worked as best basic guidance for sales persons.




We would like to discuss one of the case. In which the lead coming from France must get score 8 out of 10. We would discuss step-by-step about how this opportunity could be handled by using basic streamlined follow up workflow.


Step 1: Install Odoo’s lead scoring module as shown below.
1_Lead scoring module.png

Step 2: Configuration lead scoring functionality in such a way that opportunity get score 8 if it comes from France.

2_Score for France.png

Step 3: Leads get scored as shown below.

3_Leads are get scored.png

Step 4: Priority can be changed quickly after discussion with prospect to notify how it could be approached/followup next time. It’s always best to add human intelligence in the business apart from getting help from software. Following is the screenshot to show how sales person can set reating/priority manually.

4_Set Priority.png
Step 5: Deciding and planning for what would be the next action for any opportunity will always help to be more organized and productive. Sales Person can set specific Next action  and date to execute. Following way, salesperson can set next action on any opportunity.
Decide Next action.png

Step 6:  We can also configure next action workflow using organization's knowledge base It suggest salesperson about what would be the best next action regarding any opportunity.

Design next action workflow.png


  1. Missing ration of high priority lead down by 95%.

  2. Effective follow ups were keep taking for right opportunities at right time.

  3. Conversation ration increased by 32%.