How can you apply quality check of purchased stock?

  • 22 Oct 16

2_warehouse ready with quality check.png

A trading company doing business of selling computer by assembling small computer parts.


This company imported computer partes in bulk and assemble those and sell final product to the client. Throughout this process, a company wanted to make sure the parts they use to make final product must be with good quality.


They had limited budget for maintaining inventory. Lots of complains they had received from their client for not working some of the part in the final product. Reliability had kept decreasing.


Problem Identified:

  1. Quality check has not been done and tracked properly.

  2. Raw products are used directly to make final product.

  3. No record to find how many products are failed in quality test.

  4. No realtime information about how many products must send back to supplier which failed in quality check.

  5. Increased cost to keep low quality product to supplier.

  6. Not generating refund requests on time from vendor as delayed in sending faulty product back to supplier.




We worked with client and see how they are doing quality check. Client checked the possibility to apply quality check process before accepting product from the vendor.


We had shown them how quality check process can be mapped in Odoo. As client was already using Odoo, we suggested a small step added in their business process in Odoo to make sure quality checking must be done in the system too.




Let’s discuss one of the case to see how quality check process works when this company buy raw material in order to assemble final product.


Activate Inventory setting as shown below:

1_Warehouse setting.png

Step 1: Following is the Warehouse ready to receive product with quality check process.

2_warehouse ready with quality check.png


Step 2: The below Routes play key role to apply quality check.



Step 3: Let’s make product ready for quality check.



Step 4: Let’s assume that the company has ordered 50 keyboards as shown in below purchase order for Eastern Warehouse.   

A. Purchase Order


B. Select warehouse Properly


Step 3: Incoming shipment is generated when we confirm Purchase order as shown below.

7_Incomming shipment to Input location.png

Step 4: With this incoming shipment, other two stock moves are generated to reflect Quality check process in Odoo.

8_stock_moves_regarding quality control.png
Step 5:  Let’s assume that two products can’t pass quality check process and that need to be  recorded to ‘Not Up to the Mark’ virtual location as shown below.

9_Not up to the mark .png

Step 6: Odoo shows clear separation about stocks based on location.


Step 7: You can also drag down to know more about context of purchase order and consequent stock moves.


These product will be send back to supplier and take refund on time.




After applying the above system, we analyze result after six months:

  1. Complains from customer about faulty final product reduced by 85%.

  2. Total Inventory cost reduced by 18% as faulty products are returned back to supplier on time.

  3. Refund requests are generated quicker then ever.

  4. Accurate quality check reports are generated timely basis to make transparency with supplier.