How purchase operation become more efficient using Odoo?

  • 15 Oct 16

An airline company had purchase department to manage its purchase operations in order to provide best-in-class service to customers. Purchase department had also involved to procure parts and services to perform maintenance activities for fleets.


Purchase department must report clear accountability about the process of managing request for purchase (RFP), about the process of negotiating orders, about the process of maintaining list of approved vendors and about the process of approval from purchase manager.


Problems identified:

  1. Purchasing activities were increased and the company had to scale Purchase department.

  2. Until transparency and accountability established, it was tough for any strategic decision about expansion.  

  3. Airline company wanted accuracy and ease-of-using purchasing system.

  4. Approval from the purchase manager must required for high value purchase order.

  5. RFP must be generated and sent to all qualified vendors on-time.

  6. Track real time information about how effectively purchase department negotiating and choosing best supplier.




Odoo’s purchase application would be a best fit here. Once we completed conversation with the client they were totally convinced to go with Odoo’s default functionalities without customization. It seemed worth using Odoo for scaling purchase department by improving transparency and accountability through efficiently managing RFP, negotiation, vendors list.




Let’s discuss one of the purchase operation to show how efficiently Odoo helps to the purchase department’s employees to generate RFP, send it to various suppliers, negotiated order and place orders after getting approval from Purchase manager.


Airlines wants to place its fleet’s maintenance contract having budget of approximately $10million.

Active following setting in the purchase application.

active setting.png

Step 1: Create tender for fleet maintenance contract.

Purchase Tender.png

Step 2: Create and send this RFP to three approved vendors -  ‘Honeywell ’, ‘Delta TechOps’ and SIA Engineering Co. Ltd.

Requests for purchase.png

Step 3: Select the RFP of vendor named ‘Delta TechOps’ to proceed further as they have quoted lowest cost $1,050,000. It will not cancel other RFP because we configured our tender as “Select Multiple RFQ”. It allows freedom to negotiate order with other vendors too in case deal will not been workout with ‘Delta TechOps’.

Draft Purchase Order.png

Step 4: Before final approval, purchase manager would negotiate this order further to reduce cost by 8%.

Final Purchase Order.png



  1. Approximate 5% increase on year-to-year total negotiation price after implementing a system. This is the direct benefit on a baseline.

  2. Scaling purchase department had not been the problem anymore. As low-level operations have been handled and scaled efficiently.

  3. Backup vendor list can serve alternate options whenever required.

  4. Purchase manager’s involvement would be limited to key big purchase orders and hence big order has been very efficiently negotiated by purchase manager.