How can you use 'Chart of Taxes'?

  • 08 Oct 16

One of our client doing business for Software products. They want effective and smooth taxation functionality to make sure about the tax amount to be paid to government must be correct and on-time. There were lots of paperwork involved to compute and file tax return.  They want to come out from such heavy paperwork and let a tool should do that accurately, on-time.


Problems identified:

  1. Time consuming paperwork involved to calculate tax to be paid to governments.

  2. A company want real time information about the amount of tax to be paid to government.

  3. Make sure taxation must be government compliance.




Odoo has provided easy tax application with transparent 'Chart of Taxes' in order to get real time information about how much tax have been received and paid so far during business operation.


We run pilot and client has been convinced to use Odoo for taxation because of ease-of-use and the way information were displayed at right place. We have configured various taxes  and ‘Chart of Taxes’ in such a way that company has accurate real time tax information of all Taxes to be paid to government.




Let’s discuss, how we have designed ‘Chart of Taxes’ in context of Goods and Service tax (GST).

Step 1: Configure Accounts to record ‘GST Received’ and ‘GST Paid’.
GST Received Account.png

GST Paid account.png


Step 2: Create ‘GST Paid’ tax to use it on Customer Invoice.

GST 5% Paid Tax.png

Step 3: Create ‘GST Receivable’ tax to use it on vendor bill.

GST 5% Received tax.png

Step 4: To create ‘Chart of Taxes’ in Odoo, we have taken advantage of generic reports configuration.

Financial report.png

Step 5: Let’s assume, following is the customer invoice having 5% GST. In this operation, $150 had been collected and  eventually it must be paid to government.

Customer invoice.png

Step 6: As an example, following is the Vendor bill having 5% GST. In this operation, it seems like the company has paid  $62.50 as GST.

Vendor bills.png

Step 7: Through the following report, we can have real time information that $ 87.50 as GST need to pay to government.
Printed Report.png


  1. Real time accurate taxation data automatically calculated in the system.

  2. Reduce time tremendously to calculate tax to file tax return to government.