Customer Invoice Margin in Odoo

  • 16 Sept 2017

At what margin, you are doing business is one of the key important indicators of the success of your business. Setting this key indicator in the ERP will be one of the key measures for your sales activity and its invoices.

It's very important to have the margin amount and percentage on the Customer Invoice itself in Odoo to get the idea about how profitable the invoice is. This margin will be calculated and displayed on each of the product and on all over total margin on the Customer Invoice.

An effort towards providing decision-making information through the product’s cost and sales price in Odoo, we develop the following module that will be very helpful to getting the margin amount and percentage value in the Customer Invoice.

This module will give the margin percentage on the Invoice Line of product from its purchase cost and sales price. And it will also provide the overall margin of the particular Customer Invoice.

The below image shows, Margin percentage in the Customer Invoice form view.

The below image shows, Margin percentage in the Customer Invoice tree view.

This module can be used in new Odoo setup or in the production Odoo implementation as well.

To download this module go to this link: https://www.odoo.com/apps/modules/10.0/customer_invoice_margin/

Feel free to contact us to discuss more about the module at contact@asceticbs.com.