Collect customer feedback through Phone Call

  • 08 August 17

It's very important to listen from the customer to improve the quality of the product/services which you are selling.

Collect feedback from the customer and aligned your business strategy accordingly will be one of the key advantages of using ERP.

The step forward to introduce such feature, the following Odoo module is developed to collecting feedback from the customer and see analysed result for decision making the purpose to improve the quality of the product/services which you are selling.


The feedback form can be created from Marketing->Surveys->Surveys.

This feedback form can be attached to the 'Scheduled Call' using 'Customer Feedback' field.

On the scheduled call, there is a button 'Get Feedback' to launch the customer feedback survey.

Once the user clicks on ‘Get Feedback’ button, they can see the questionnaire that has been configured through Marketing->Surveys->Surveys menu.

The analysed feedback from the customers can be seen as shown in the following image:

In order to activate this feature, following configuration is required:

1. The user should have 'Show Scheduled Calls Menu' access to see 'Scheduled Call' menu.

2. The user should have 'Collect feedback through Scheduled Call' access to see  'Customer Feedback' field and 'Get Feedback' button.

3. The user should have 'Survey/User' access to see 'Surveys->Surveys->Answer' menu in the order to see analysed result.

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