Customer Invoice and Shipping Address in Odoo

  • 26 July 2017

It's very important to have only those information available based on the context of the user is working on. This will save the user's time, increase usability and speed to work with the system.

An effort towards providing ease of working with the Odoo, here is the module that will be very helpful while the customers have lots of invoicing and delivery addresses.

Here below the Odoo module for filtering the customer's invoice and shipping address in quotation or sales order.


This module helps to filter the invoice and shipping address of the customer which is selected on the quotation or sales order.

For use this functionality please go to menu: Setting > Configuration > Sales. To enable the option 'Allow a different address for delivery and invoicing'.

If the customer having the contact with the Invoice and Delivery address.

As an example, the 'Agrolait' having the Invoice and Delivery Address:

The 'Michel Fletcher' is the invoice type address of customer 'Agrolait'.

The 'Thomas Passot' is the shipping type address of customer 'Agrolait'.

In Quotation/Sales Order filtered invoice address of the selected customer.

In Quotation/Sales Order filtered shipping address of the selected customer.

This module can be used in new# Odoo setup or in the production #Odooimplementation as well.

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