To know available products quantity in each warehouse

  • 07 July 17

To empower the user by providing the decision making knowledge is one of the key areas to focus while implementing ERP.

An effort towards providing analysed information mining through the already existed data.

Following is the Odoo module for v8, v9 and v10 for multi warehouse implementation.


This module can be used for real-time calculation of the number of quantity of the product available to each of the warehouses.

The total cumulative quantity will be calculated considering not only the stock location of the warehouse but also all the sub-locations of each of the stock location of all warehouses.

As an example, in the multi warehouse structure, each of the warehouses has one stock location.

That stock location of the warehouse may have various child location.

As an example, the different number of quantity of 'iPan Mini' product is there in such locations as shown below:

Product Form View:

The total quantity of the product with corresponding warehouses information are displayed as below:

The field 'Quantity per warehouse' is displayed such information in the product Form View:

Product Kanban View:

Assign 'Show product quantity per warehouse' group to the user to which you want them to show a number of available quantity of the product per warehouse.

This module can be used in new  Odoo setup or in the production Odoo implementation as well.

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