How can you set price automatically?

  • 01 Oct 16

One of our project has a business requirement in which client wants to sell all products having specific category with heavy discount. This discount should apply for the Month of October every year. This way, business keep running in that off season and stock will be empty quicker. New inventory can be placed properly in the new season which come on the month of December.

Problems identified:

  1. Client want to keep momentum of sales in the off season too.

  2. Clean older stock as early as possible to reduce inventory cost for new stock.

  3. Order processing must be quicker by applying discounted price for specific category

  4. Do marketing and acquire new customers in off season too.


Odoo helps to set pricing category wise. It can also be considered during order processing. We configured category specific price list and make sure it reflects on sales order. We set pricing rules as per client's business, targeting growth, clean stocks as early as possible and get effective marketing.



Let’s discuss one of the case in that project:

Client wants to apply 40% discount for all product having category ‘wool’.

We need to activate the setting for configuring price list based on the formula.

Step 1 : Price List Rule - 40% Discount for all product having category ‘wool’

Price List Rule.png

Once we set proper pricelist rules, it will apply automatically for any product having category ‘wool’ whenever it will be selected on the sales order as shown below:

Step 2 : A Sweater having sales price 400 USD.

Step 3 On the sales order, the sale price of Sweater becomes 240 USD whenever it will be sold on the month of October.
Sales Order.png


  1. 20% more stocks will be cleared compared to last year.

  2. 35% category specific revenue growth achieved year to year.

  3. Discounted price used as Marketing strategy to acquire 17% new clients compare to last season.