When Odoo Customization Needed?

  • 24 Dec 2016

Most of the time, you may be happy with the existing features of Odoo as-it-is.

However, each business is unique, each business has its own unique problems to solve, each business may measure Key Performance Indicator (KPI) with its particular methodologies. Similarly, each user may have different need to make a system more convenient to use.  

Odoo customization helps you through its scalable nature. It helps to extend the Odoo’s core modules, considering an exact match to address unique business needs.

Considering all these factors, I would like to share a list of few most identified signals which trigger the need for Odoo customization.

  1. You may feel the necessity to generate special reports like Sales Order, Customer invoice etc; depending upon your standard business requirement.

  2. You want another system to be integrated smoothly with Odoo.  Say for example, (i) you need  OASIS engineering system’s integration with Odoo (ii) Prestashop integration.

  3. To have a customised theme for the Odoo website to make unique UI/UX.

  4. To show/hide menus and the group of fields to a specific set of users as per the security provision.

  5. In terms of usability, you want to add automated steps to provide a great convenience to end user to perform operations far more quickly with a minimal number of clicks and errors.

  6. It is required to add new fields on particular view to entering all required information as per the business and to respect importable data files.

  7. You want to add new workflow on some object (eg. Customer) or extend the existing workflow (eg. Add another level of validation on Purchase approvals).

  8. You need drastic changes to the access control mechanism to set your business process and security.

  9. To design business Intelligence and dynamic statistical reports based on the Key Performance Indicator which helps to measure your business performance.

  10. You expect data validation to be done by Odoo to assure that the user enters information with the correct format. For example, Email field must be filled with the correct format.

  11. As per your country rules and localisation, you want a proper chart of accounting OR government compliance reports to assure Odoo respects government norms.

  12. You want to write your application from the scratch. Odoo is a solid rapid application development tool that can be used to develop a system from the scratch, very quickly. Like, Project Loan approval process.

  13. Once you upgrade your Odoo, it may require some customization to guarantee that the new version of your migrated database works same as the previous version.


Bring It All Together

Having a good consultant in pre-analysis phase of the project, who can guide to explore existing features of Odoo and suggest customization when it actually is required, will reduce the Odoo project’s cost significantly.