Accelerate Productivity Using Odoo Sales/CRM

  • 03 Dec 16

Odoo improves revenue through customer delight and empowering sales department's productivity. Odoo helps to gather data, suggest next actions, execute planning and analyze timely Sales/CRM activities for strategic decisions.

Few of the advantages are listed below:

1. Higher Level Goal Setting

2. Micro Level Goal Setting

3. Real-Time Guidance

4. Visibility and Planning

5. Prioritization

6. Communication

7. Automation

8. Statistical Analysis Reports

  • Higher Level Goal Setting

  1. Odoo demands to know your ‘Sales Objectives’ and ‘Key Performance Indicators’ (KPIs) through the planner.

  2. To facilitate higher level goal, Odoo helps to suggest best practices for designing your sales pipeline, enables quick import of your products and customers, assists in writing an attractive proposal, helps to decide price (based on various conditions/formulas).

  3. Everything above helps you eventually to achieve your sales objectives and to meet KPIs.

  1. You can plan next month’s goal for your sales executive by evaluating the performance of the last Month.

  2. Sales executive could be agreed on targeted sales amount, # of Won opportunities, # of actions (call/email/meeting) expected to be done for the next month.

  3. This enables your organization to achieve Higher Level Goal.

  1. Odoo keeps executive updated with the figures which they have achieved so far in terms of sales amount,  # of Won opportunities, # of actions (call/email/meeting).

  2. Being well informed,  the person is motivated to achieve Micro Level Goal and hence the overall productivity is improved.

  1. Your sales executive is kept informed about the number of actions and meetings scheduled for the present day, next 7 days and if there are any overdue.

  2. It assists them to check the current status and organize other activities accordingly.

  • Prioritization

  1. Odoo allows to set the score on the opportunity automatically, based on preconfigured rules. It supports to ensure that high-value opportunities are handled with high priority.

  2. Priorities can also be set manually, to take advantage of  human intelligence to target appropriate opportunity first.

  • Communication

  1. Odoo permits fine tuned communication channel to communicate with internal and external stakeholders.

  2. Group discussion(private/public) feature is provided to get things done immediately.

  3. All internal and external messages are well maintained, attached with the proper records. (Lead/Opportunity/Sales Order).

  4. You can directly call using Odoo VOIP.

  • Automation

  1. Many tasks can be done automatically, driven by the preconfigured rule. For example, (a) ‘assigning all leads coming from Spain to Peter.’  (b) Sales Manager/Owner will be notified if no activity has been done on high-value opportunity since last 5 days.

  2. It serves to save Sales Managers’ time, so they are able to focus on other priorities.

  1. Odoo generates various real-time statistical analysis reports - Pipeline analysis, Activity analysis, Sales analysis.

  2. These reports give an immense number of analyzed data (High-value territories, Most demanding products, High margin category of product, Line chart of sales figures, Activities performed, Specific Hurdles to win the opportunities), which help to determine the next strategy.


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