How Odoo helps to recognize up-sell opportunities?

  • 12 Nov 16

Odoo allows a nice way to identify upsell opportunities. In the business, sometimes you are going to deliver goods/services to your customer more then it was ordered because of your client’s great credit track record and you want to delighted customer through your well trusted  service.


Let’s have a look on this Odoo’s feature.

Imagine, you have  a service based company to deliver product designing services. You charge based on time and material based contract. The Product configuration in Odoo must be as below:

Product Configuration.png

Initially, client demands services of 40 hours. You can generate sales order of 40 hours as shown below. Invoice for this sales order will be generated and send to client for payment.

Confirmed sales order for 40 hours service.png


After generating Invoice for 40 Hours:

After creating invocie for 40 hours.png

The consultant has recorded his time spending on this project through Odoo’s timesheet features. Working on this project, consultant have spent 40 hours but still few things are left so she decided to go ahead after getting approval from client.

20 hours mor sepnd by consultant after approval.png

End of the project, the company wanted to know how many extra hours have been spent. Based on that the extra hours bill need to be sent to client. As the consultant has kept recording all time what he spent on this project through timesheet, it reflected on the Sales order.

You can go through ‘Order to Upsell’ menu to find all such sales order to generate client’s invoice for all unbilled service hours. These kinds of sales order as marked as ‘Up Selling Opportunity’

20 hours extra shows in Order to Upsell.png

You can generate invoice for those extra hours spent by your consultant. After generating upselling invoice, sale order has been marked as ‘Fully Invoiced’.