How to create quick and dynamic website to get best values on investment?

  • 05 Nov 16

A startup wanted to launch business and wanted a website quickly. As per their need the website must be integrated with a system to proceed leads and job applications. Initially, the startup might  add lots of dynamic content and they want most of things to be done by them as they were also have technical people on board.


Problem identified:

  1. Searching for  a framework to design and launch website quickly.

  2. Website must be multilingual as companies business spreaded in various countries.

  3. Website must be SEO friendly and mobile first enabled.

  4. It must be ready to publish various job applications and integrated with backend to process job applications

  5. For new business,  website must have a lead generatio from and that should be  integrated with backend customer relationship management (CRM) to process those leads to convert it into contract.




We had suggested to client to us Odoo CMS as it has added advantage to have integrated with backend with CRM to process lead and Human resource management to process job application. Apart form that Odoo website can be managed SEO friendly way,  translatable for multi language and responsive by nature.




We used to following features of Odoo and host website on cloud within 15 days of time.


How did we do that? Let me introduce features of Odoo CMS which we had used in this project.


1. We made website SEO enabled as shown bellow to attract more prospects.

1_SEO optimization.png

2. Once prospects are on the website and want to do business, they can submit enquiry from the below form.

2_Lead from webside.png

3. This leads will be in the CRM, where Sales executives will process further to convert prospect to client.


4. Job applicants can also apply job from the Odoo website.
4_Job Application from website.png

5. Job application will be received from the website and proceed by HR manager from the Odoo Human resource management module.

5_Job Application in HRMS.png

6. These website has been translated with four different languages.

6_Multi lingal.png

7. Odoo website is by nature Responsive. You can see, how it looks like on mobile.

7_Mobile friendly.png


  1. Within 15 days we launched responsive, SEO enabled website with full translation of 4 languages  for worldwide users.

  2. Lead generation ration increased by 250% compared to their manual outbound marketing.

  3. Huge number of Job applications received and it processed faster than ever.

  4. More than 130 Job applications they received from Odoo website thanks to their digital marketing strategy too.