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Blockchain Technology


Value Proposition
  • We worked with Blockchain technologies since 2016
  • Get high quality consulting and development services on Blockchain technologies
  • We are eager to understand and analyse your business process  then suggest how blockchain technology will help you
  • We work on truffle framework
  • We develop ethereum and hyper ledger based application


Why Blockchain for business? 
  • Distributed
  • Secure
  • High trust
  • Tamper Evident
  • Highly efficient
  • Cost-effective

are using blockchain for business?

  • Credit Mutuel Arkea - Common KYC data
  • ABN - AMRO - Financial Audit and compliance ledger
  • everLedger - Legitimize Diamonds and reduce fraud
  • Walmart - Food traceability in China
  • IBM - Global financing - Dispute resolution
  • MAERSK - Cross-Border Supply chain
  • Northern Trust - Private Equity Administration

How can we help you?

  • Re-engineering your business process to implement blockchain based solution
  • Prepare your own token/coins to support sure business transactions
  • Create fundraising token for crowdfunding to actualize your idea
  • We can also help you writing white paper
  • In case your resources are not available, you can ask us to be part of your blockchain implementation to handle Blockchain based solution for your company.
  • We can be involved in your blockchain project quickly to keep supporting entire blockchain implementation.

this service will be operated?

  • Let's discuss and explore the possibilities to establish blockchain based solution to your business
  • Let's talk:
    • Discuss Blockchain technology
    • Explore customer business model
    • Show blockchain application demo
  • Blockchain hands-on
    • Understand blockchain Concepts and elements
    • Hands-on with blockchain
    • Standard demo customization
  • First Project
    • Design thinking workshop to define business challenge
    • Agile iteration incrementally build project functionality
    • Enterprise integration
  • Scale
    • Scale up pilot or scale out to new project
    • Business process re-engineering
    • System integration
  • Hire qualified dedicated blockchain consultant and developer from us to get started your project

Odoo Technical Training


Value Proposition

  • Get knowledge about how Odoo modules can be developed.

  • Develop the team of skilled Odoo Developer.

  • Get trained on the Odoo API to integrate Odoo with other software.

  • Get hands on experience to know how your technical team becomes more efficient in Odoo Development.


  • Prepare Odoo development team with very short period of time.

  • Get Odoo’s latest version knowledge with new technical improvements.

  • Create  long terms technical support team for your client.

  • Start new Odoo department and get key members trained on Odoo Technical skill.

  • Need hands on experience to be skilled quickly on all technical part of Odoo.

How can we help you ?
  • We will provide you on-site/online Odoo technical training.

  • The Technical training will contain the syllabus of developing Odoo server module, Odoo theme, snippets and building blocks.

  • You can get quick tricks and tips to be more effective to develop Odoo module which is well managed, based on Odoo guideline and great quality code.

How will this service be operated?


  • The dedicated technical trainer will train your team on Odoo technical knowledge through various online / onsite sessions.

  • You can subscribe for Technical Training or booked a week for training.

  • You can also ask for the onsite visit to train your complete team on Odoo.

  • You can access detailed technical documentation prepared by the wide experienced team.



Odoo Functional Training


Value proposition


  • Best practice to evaluate Odoo to know how Odoo’s core functionalities works.

  • Hands on experience of various configuration options to set your business process.

  • Get the detailed explanation of various functional scenarios within Odoo.

  • All your team member can expose Odoo’s capabilities to propose it to the prospects.

  • Save huge customization cost knowing Odoo features which can enable only through configuration.

  • To decide how cost effective Odoo will be for your next project.

  • To know how effectively you can configure Odoo to best match for your need.


  • You want to learn complete Odoo functionalities within the short period of time.

  • You need the personalized functional trainer for you and your team.

  • Upgrade functional consultant’s knowledge with Odoo functional knowledge.

  • Start new Odoo department and get key members trained on Odoo Functional.

How we can help you?

  • The Odoo functional training will contain the syllabus of detail functionalities of CRM, Sales, Finance, Human Resource, Project, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Point of Sale, Website, eCommerce etc.

  • A functional expert will show capabilities of Odoo.

  • Get well trained experienced functional trainers available as and when you need.

  • We can provide the online/onsite session for Odoo functional training.

  • Get well prepared detailed functional documentation.

How will this service be operated?

  • The experienced functional trainer will be available as per your schedule.

  • We will provide you hands on experience during Odoo functional training session.

  • You can opt for on-site or online Odoo functional training session.

Support and Maintenance


Value proposition

  • Best service who needs continuous support and maintenance.

  • This service make sure system must run smoothly and their users have great convenience.

  • Establish your second level support team for your high-value implementation.

  • Long terms support and maintenance contract with attractive rates.

  • Flexible timings as per your timezone.


  • Need support and maintenance for your existing system and implementation.

  • You want valuable support and maintenance service for the good return on investment.

How can we help you?

  • In case if your resources are busy with other activities, you can ask us to be part of your implementation to handle support and maintenance.

  • We can involve into your project quickly to keep supporting entire maintenance activities.

How will this service be operated?

  • We establish various channels to provide support and Maintenance work.

  • You can sign the contract with us for different rang of support and maintenance contract.

  • It’s also possible to get support and maintenance as per your timezone.

Odoo Website Design and Development


Value proposition

  • To leverage Odoo CMS functionalities with integrated inbuilt Odoo ERP.

  • Develop specialised theme, snippets and building block for your website.

  • To get very affordable and quality website development services.

  • Extend features of Odoo web interface without breaking core Odoo web framework.

  • Develop beautifully, SEO friendly and responsive website.


  • Take your business online with quietest possible way.

  • You want the freedom to update website based on your business agility.

  • You need attractive e-commerce, marketing, and ERP integrated website.

How can we help you?

  • This service is being operated by the team of skilled Odoo developer with the ability of web designing and development tools.

  • You can design your own website, create PSD, transform PSD to HTML.

  • Get exclusive access to the Odoo developer with specialised skilled on Odoo Web customization like POS interface, new themes, building block, snippets etc.

 How will this service be operated?

  • Our experienced web designer will work with you to understand your vision.

  • The team of Odoo web developers will transform your vision into the reality.

Business Analyst / System Architect


Value proposition

  • Best service for anyone who is planning to implement new software.

  • Analyse your current system, business process and produce the extensive document to evaluate the new software which is suitable for your business.

  • Perform Pre-analysis, GAP analysis and generate Detailed analysis document for  end-to-end implementation.

  • Architecting the complete system by respecting software architecture and security principles.


  • You want assistance to convert your business process into the software at the time of implementing the new system.

  • You need complete detail requirement specification and project execution plan.

How can we help you? 

  • Business Analyst helps to build a strong foundation for effectively operate and adopt new software.

  • This service helps you to gather all requirements on the paper to plan out the execution.

  • Analyse your business process, get suggestion and the best practices.

  • We can also help you to Go live by coordinating with the key stakeholders.

  • Security audit for your current system and get the recommendation to make it more secure.

How will this service be operated?

  • You can hire experienced System architect to design the system.

  • You can access our business analyst by doing contract with us.

Android Mobile Application Development


Value proposition

  • Take your business to the next level of the Mobile world.

  • To provide supreme convenience to your customers to access your services.

  • Create affordable Android mobile application with great quality.

  • Get nice user-friendly Android application within expected timeframe.


  • Get benefited by the creative and experienced Android Developer.

  • Get in touch with the professional who have passion about the product development, especially with the Android mobile application.

How can we help you?

  • Take your business in the mobile world to reach more prospects and retain existing customer by providing convenient services.

How will this service be operated?

  • Our consultant will spend the time to understand your business and plan out how it can be maximized by Android Mobile application.

  • Design application and show the prototype to realize how the desired mobile application will add value to your business.

  • Set application to the market place and get approval from Google Play store.

Odoo Development And Customization


Value proposition

  • Get certified Odoo developer with Techno Functional understanding.

  • Customizing Odoo with the right approach to respect modular architecture of Odoo.

  • Follow Odoo’s coding guideline which results quality, readability and reusability.

  • Extend Odoo’s features respecting core functionality through the Odoo functional knowledge.

  • Value added suggestion helps to maximize use of Odoo.


  • You are happy with Odoo’s functionalities but you want your unique business requirement in Odoo.

  • You want to establish off-shore team of developers and project manager for end-to-end implementation.

  • Your key people are busy with other projects and you don’t want to miss the great opportunity.

How can we help you?

  • We can provide developers for your project  who have knowledge of Odoo from v 4.2 to the upcoming v10.

  • You can access dedicated developer from our team who can work with you and your team to be aline with your project from the beginning.

  • You can get Odoo developer when you want to work with them as needed basis.

  • Our collective experience will help at technical and functional leave to find best solution for your requirement.

How will this service be operated?

  • You can get dedicated developer who can report to you directly.

  • Extensive daily status report will be sent to you apart from continuous keep.

  • Unbreakable communication channel set to give you experience like develop are working at your premises.

  • You can sign the contract with us in order to book dedicated Odoo developer.

iOS Mobile Application Development


Value proposition

  • Develop highly user friendly application having the great user experience.  

  • To provide supreme convenience to your customers.

  • Affordable iOS mobile application with great quality.

  • End-to-end solution from designing  the app to hosting on Apple market place.


  • You want to take your business into the next level of the Mobile world.

  • Get nice user friendly iOS application within expected timeframe.

  • Need well experienced iOS application developer who can work on your need.

How can we help you?

  • We will help you to make your business handy to reach more prospects.

  • We take care that the application should retain existing customer and provide great convenience to existing client.

  • Get benefited by the creative and experienced iOS Developer.

  • Get in touch with the professional who have passion about the product development, especially with the iOS mobile application.

How will this service be operated?

  • We would like to spend time to understand your business and plan out how it can be maximized through iOS application.

  • Design application and show the prototype to realize how the desired mobile application will going to add value to you business.

  • Set application to market place and get approval from Apple store.

  • You can hire dedicated developer to reach your aim.

Odoo Enterprise Consultancy


Value proposition

  • Achieve desired functionalities through in-built configuration options.

  • Saved huge customization cost.

  • Explore Odoo’s core features out-of-the-box way.

  • Establish the strong foundation of your project through Detail techno-functional analysis.

  • Identify how best Odoo is for your business by the feasibility study.

  • Strong Pre-sales consultancy helps you to win the project.


  • Odoo is the complete set of generic functionalities which can only be maximized with the appropriate configuration, best practices, and consultancy.


How can we help you?

  • Complete access to the dedicated Odoo consultant to make sure you get what you want with Great return on investment.

  • The dedicated consultant will guide you to get most out of Odoo to make sure your entire project will be within your budget without breaking core cardinality of Odoo during development, coding and deployment phase.


How will this service be operated?

  • The consultant will be with you at any stage as per your need.

  • The Odoo consultant will help you on-site or provide remote support for

    • Pre-analysis and Detail analysis

    • Preparing techno functional document for project execution

    • Configure Odoo to meet your need out of the box

    • Planning deployment, support, and training.

Odoo Migration Service


Value proposition

  • Get benefits of Odoo’s latest features on your implementation.

  • Hassle free, quality migration services.

  • One stop solution to upgrade your Odoo implementation / production system.

  • To get affordable Odoo code migration services.

  • Get well experienced Odoo developers who have written migration script.

  • Keep in touch with the consultant to follow migration process in line with Odoo SA.

Why Odoo Migration matters?

  • You want to adopt the latest version of Odoo.

  • Need a consultant to take care of complete migration process.

How Ascetic Business Solution serves you better?

  • We provide the best in class privileged service to subscribe, specially for migrating to the next version of Odoo considering new features.

  • Complete end-to-end solution to deliver next version of your Odoo production system within the time bound period.

  • The consultant with vast experience of writing migration script, database migration process and best practice for code migration will be at your disposal.

  • Following best practices aligned with odoo SA to assure that the new version of the production system is more productive than ever before.

  • Get the value added benefits from the team of developers, working on code migration to produce the final version of Odoo production system.

How is this service executed?
  • We get the older version of code and database, already in use.

  • Perform code migration process and coordinate with Odoo SA for database migration.

  • Perform final integration testing and deliver the new version of Odoo to use in production.

  • We also support migrated version of Odoo to make sure the user experience with new version becomes smoother.